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Guide to Greatness® is your strategic partner on the path to achieving business greatness. 

You’re not looking for one-size-fits-all solutions. You’re looking for guidance and expertise to meet your unique needs. From implementing strategy to operations excellence, we are with you every step of the way,  ensuring we concentrate on what truly matters most to your organization. 

When you choose Guide to Greatness®, you’re choosing a customized approach designed to achieve your goals and realize your business’s full potential.


On the path to GREATNESS?

Take our Readiness Assessment to see if we are a good fit to address your specific challenges:

Instructions: For each question, assign a score on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 represents “Not a Challenge” or “Already Addressed,” and 5 represents “Significant Challenge” or “Not Addressed at All.”


  • Are you currently facing challenges in defining or aligning your long-term strategic goals with your day-to-day operations?
  • Do you have a clear and actionable strategic plan in place to guide your company toward its desired future state?


  • Are you experiencing difficulties in effectively reaching and engaging your target audience?
  • Do you feel that your marketing efforts are not delivering the desired results in terms of brand visibility and customer acquisition?


  • Are you concerned about financial challenges such as budget constraints, declining profitability, or inefficient cost management?
  • Do you have a comprehensive financial strategy in place to optimize your financial performance and sustain growth?


  • Are you struggling with employee turnover, talent shortages, or low employee engagement levels?
  • Are you actively investing in talent development and creating a positive, healthy culture to attract and retain top talent?


  • Are you facing operational inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or productivity issues within your organization?
  • Have you conducted a comprehensive assessment of your operations and implemented strategies to streamline processes and reduce waste?

Scoring Interpretation

  • If your total score is 5 or less, your business may have fewer immediate needs requiring our services. However, we can provide valuable insights to further enhance and accelerate your success.
  • If your total score is between 6 and 15, there are specific areas where we can provide targeted assistance to help your address your challenges.
  • If your total score is 16 or higher, your organization may benefit significantly from our expertise and services. Collaborating with Guide to Greatness could help you overcome various challenges and achieve greater success.


Looking for a
professional keynote

Whether a burgeoning startup, a nimble small to mid-size enterprise, or a powerhouse in the Fortune 500, your organization is distinct and has its own set of unique requirements. We offer a wide array of popular topics and flexible options to cater to your organization or event’s specific needs. 

What is Greatness?
We believe Greatness is…

  1. The cultivation of an exceptional product or service that solves a problem or fulfills a need in the marketplace.

  2. The impeccable treatment of individuals within and beyond the organization.

  3. The expansion of the organization’s vision far beyond its conventional boundaries.

In 2005, Guide to Greatness®, LLC was born on the heels of the remarkable success of Cyndi (Crother) Laurin’s inaugural book, “Catch! A Fishmonger’s Guide to Greatness.” 

The resounding reception for her debut publication catapulted her into the spotlight, igniting her passion for speaking and sharing her expertise. In that pivotal year, she graced nearly 70 stages, captivating audiences with her insights and fueling her desire to craft more business books while expanding her services to encompass consulting, coaching, and coming soon… “Business Brain Trust Masterminds.” 

Over the years, Cyndi’s unbridled energy and enthusiasm in collaborating with her clients has left an indelible mark on leaders and businesses across the globe. Her unwavering commitment to helping individuals and organizations reach their pinnacle of greatness remains at the core of her mission.

As Cyndi says, “It’s not your past but the opportunities that lie ahead that define who you are right now.” Your organization’s journey to greatness begins here. Join forces with Guide to Greatness, and let’s unlock your potential together. 

Reach out today, and embark on a transformative path toward a brighter future.


What clients say about Guide to Greatness®

  • Cyndi is the magic dust that brings people together.


    John Abbruzzese

    Former President of Potomac Construction Industries

  • Cyndi, thank you for your presentation…thanks for sending the slides and for being the keynote speaker in Tuscon. I have been to a lot of conferences and have heard a lot of speakers – you are the BEST that I have heard. You’re definitely not ordinary…

    Debra Hebisen

    Quality Assurance Manager, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

  • Cyndi, This is a follow up to our very brief conversation after your dynamic keynote presentation at the ASQ World Conference on Quality. I was struck by the similarities of your message to our approach in developing a persona to one’s website. I am intrigued in how your philosophy can be translated to the Internet medium, which in essence should reflect the personality of the organization. Looking forward to hearing from you…

    Peter de Gosztonyi

    Managing Partner, Web-Insight

  • I had the pleasure of being a coachee in the Guide to Greatness ICE Program (Individual Career Excellence) with Cyndi Laurin over a period of three months. I found Cyndi to be disarmingly and genuinely gifted. Cyndi has a notable knack for asking “the perfect question” and compliments that knack with being a great listener. Cyndi is a profound thinker, possessing a rare skill in “Meta-thinking” – i.e. thinking about thinking. These skills, along with her background in organizations, quality, and “greatness”, give her a kind of power to go right to what matters. Cyndi’s perfect questions and apt homework assignments helped me obtain substantially greater clarity on both short- and long-term plans for my career and my business (including some crucial marketing matters) than before I had started to work with her.


    Entrepreneur, Kansas City

  • Cyndi, you have no idea how much you’ve become a topic of daily conversation in my life. My wife has so far read “Catch!” twice – the first time, right after I returned from the conference. I had talked to her on the phone about some of the concepts in your keynote and was very excited to have the book, so she read it over the next two days while I was working. It inspired some great discussions as I came home with my interpretation of what I had heard you say, and her going through the book and trying to apply it to our lives. She decided that she needed to read it a second time (I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on it!), and now phrases like, ‘It’s all over here” are common place (daily!) in our household. As well as a tie-in to “thinking about thinking” and intentionality and goals as a place to “go from”. Anyway, thanks again!

    Donald R. Smith

    Continuous Improvement Leader, Stevens Point Mill, Stora Enso

  • Cyndi, I continue to read your book (typically every so often and a pararaph at a time – I flip open to the perfect page for me at the time), and I am really enjoying it (and learning about/for myslef from the sharings). Just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you did and am touched by it. That’s all….onwards to more good.

    Paul Michael

  • Hi Cyndi, I met you a few weeks ago at the California Council for Excellence Conference in San Jose. I just wanted to let you know how much I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. I am so inspired and committed to making those things that I want in my life happen. Your words have reinforced those principles that I have tried to keep in my life. I teach English as a Second Language and brought your book into my class to share with my students the ideas and philosophies. More than half wrote down the title and flipped through the pages. I am thinking about a trip to Seattle and see the market first hand – that’s how inspired I am. Thank you for this gift, Cyndi. I wish you success with your other books. Let me know when and where I can get copies. It’s so all over here!

    Alicia Wszekaki

  • Cyndi, I just had to take a six sigma class for work, and I was amazed at how much I already knew because you taught me so much. I actually retained the information. I thank you so much for that! I also thought it was funny that some of the material that they were using felt like it came from you or your research. I took your class just as you were finishing “Catch!” You would tell us about this small company that has a huge goal. It just happens to be … world famous pike place fish market. I was shocked to here them talking it about it, too, and then all of a sudden, we watched a movie about it. I could not believe it. I love my job, and I thank you so much for being a great teacher and teaching me useful things that I would really use!

    Scott Barton

    Program Cost Schedule and Control Analyst, Raytheon

  • Dear Cyndi, Thank you for all of your efforts around your presentation at our company meeting. You did a great job of incorporating real live “Nomacorc examples” into your presentation, and I found it to be quite motivating. Thank you for your extra effort in “getting to know” some of the Nomacorc people and processes and sharing your ideas with our associates. Thank you again, and I really enjoyed meeting you.

    Cindy Vice

    Chief Financial Officer, Nomacorc, Inc.

  • Hi Cyndi, Thank you for presenting at the World Business Capability Congress. I really enjoyed listening to you, and a lot of it resonated very strongly with me. “Pretty sure I’m a Rudolph” was the main thing I got out of it…I’m currently contracting as a Project Manager at one of NZ’s banks, but during my career I have jumped around jobs and industries trying to find somewhere I fit. I implemented quality management process into one company that had none, mainly because it made my job easier, and I could see that we had a real serious gap there….During your presentation, I was able to identify the [political structure] of our company. It seems that “AVTAR” is what we really need to implement to see results in my current project…I really DO need to get a copy of your book, and maybe you could give me a few tips on what I should and shouldn’t do in the meantime? I’d really appreciate it. Which book should I start with? Many thanks…

    Hanna Voss

    New Zealand

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