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  • Professional Speaking, Keynotes & Workshops

    Awareness + Abilities + Action = Your Organization’s Optimal Outcome.

    Dr. Cyndi Laurin is a world-class, highly sought-after international keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. An expert in Adult Learning Theory, she has presented to tens of thousands of people over the past 25 years and has the unique ability to engage audiences and evoke thinking that drives leadership from within, increases engagement, enhances quality, and impacts an organization’s bottom line.

    Topics for speaking and workshops include custom requests as well as tenets from her bestselling “Catch!“, “The Rudolph Factor“, and “Be a Frontline H.E.R.O.

    Her more popular presentations and workshops are:

    From Launch to Triumph: Master Startup Strategies for Success

    Lean Logic Lab: Streamline Your Operations to Accelerate Growth

    Blueprint Success: Build a Strong Foundation for Your Small Business

    Harmony in Motion: Achieve Work-Life Balance

    Value Amplifiers: Unlock Your Business’s Growth Potential

    Thrive through Customer Happiness: Unveil the Secrets to Elevate Customer Satisfaction

    Balance Purpose and Sustainability: Strategies for Nonprofit Success.

    S-u-c-c-e-S-S: Scale Under Conditions Conducive to Stability and Standardization.

    Orchestrated Randomness: Unlock the Portal to Impactful Opportunities

  • MIND Methodology™ Workshops

    Most suitable for groups from 10 – 500 attendees.

    Working in partnership with KMP Consultants, Cyndi facilitates MIND Methodology(TM) workshops to groups of up to 10 participants. If alignment, critical decision making, or maintaining a culture of accountability has been a struggle, read on…

    The MIND Methodology(TM) revolutionizes how your team will think about your business and the work you do to accelerate growth.

    The best time to start is when your leadership team may be changing, you’re planning or implementing a strategic initiative or upcoming acquisition, or your team is struggling with prioritizing what’s most important to move the needle.

    If you’re stuck on getting to the next level, aligning your team, or executing on strategy, this workshop is for you!

  • Author Coaching & Editing

    1:1 Coaching for new and/or seasoned authors

    So, you want to write a book? Maybe you’ve been working on one for some time but can’t seem to get to the finish line.

    Cyndi has published her own bestselling books as well as coached others to achieve bestselling status. She is also well-versed with all types of publishing entities, including independent publishers (Berrett-Koehler (BK) published Catch!, large publishing house (John Wiley & Sons published The Rudolph Factor) and self-published Be A Frontline H.E.R.O. with KDP at Amazon.

    Cyndi brings structure and discipline (and fun) to the process. She also ensures that you’re considering marketing and distribution channels early on so that your book ends up in its intended hands (or ears, if audible).

  • Business Culture & Employee Engagement Solutions

    Integrating people and the processes they manage

    While many teambuilding activities are great at giving employees an opportunity to enjoy time outside of the work environment, they tend to fall short at creating sustainable change to the culture of the organization.

    Cyndi generates new awareness and evokes new thinking resulting in long-term, sustainable cultural improvements. Along with leadership coaching, team performance enhancement, and ensuring processes are stable, standardized, and ready to scale, she looks at each organization as a dynamic organism capable of achieving greatness.

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