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Undertaking strategic or change initiatives?

At some point in your company’s life cycle, you will find yourself in a position of navigating the formidable challenges that accompany the pursuit of innovative, strategic endeavors. You will likely embark on these ventures with lofty aspirations, but may find yourself disheartened if outcomes fall short of your expectations.

In response to these setbacks, you may redirect time and resources inward, focusing on the day-to-day operational concerns rather than your overarching strategic vision. This approach can compound challenges and create ambiguity for your team members striving to prioritize their tasks in support of these critical initiatives. 

As a result, you may feel the pressure to intensify your control measures, inadvertently stifling the inherent creativity and innovative spirit of your workforce, inadvertently making it more difficult to achieve your desired results.

Cyndi is dedicated to rejuvenating the concept of GREATNESS from a novel and forward-thinking perspective and defines it as follows:

  1. The cultivation of an exceptional product or service that solves a problem and/or fulfills a need for your customers.
  2. The impeccable treatment of individuals within and beyond your organization.
  3. The expansion of your organization’s vision far beyond its conventional boundaries.

Leverage Cyndi’s profound understanding of the intricacies of organizational psychology and what motivates teams. Let Guide to Greatness® will be your partner in implementing critical strategic initiatives and help you stay the course to reach your desired outcomes.

Many of today’s business resources place excessive emphasis on trying to replicate the success of other companies.

Books, webinars, and even many consultants center their attention on recounting the actions of another successful business, rather than delving into the fundamental principles that underpinned their achievement. You may not be aware that your company already possesses the essential components required to cultivate a lasting competitive edge.

To address this gap, Cyndi formulated the “Four Pillars of Organizational Greatness” to serve as a rapid assessment tool to evaluate how your organization’s support structure influences its capacity to grow and foster engagement and innovation as an integral part of your business’s DNA. 

When these pillars collaborate harmoniously, they can either ignite or impede your journey towards achieving organizational GREATNESS. To elevate your culture to be one of engagement and innovation, Cyndi devised two psychological models for facilitating transformative outcomes: “The Thinking Wheel” and “AVTAR.”

A guiding principle close to Cyndi’s heart is encapsulated in the mantra, “go within or go without.” Her models align with this philosophy, enabling a collective transformation of your business that originates from within.  


Innovative Methods for
Competitive Advantage

Be a Frontline H.E.R.O.

A Parable to Propel
Your Job & Life

Be a Frontline H.E.R.O.

A Parable to Propel Your Job & Life

Recognized as one of Amazon.com’s #1 New Releases in Business Leadership Training, this book has already made a significant impact, empowering numerous managers to propel their teams to new heights.

With its concise and accessible format, “Be a Frontline H.E.R.O.” is a quick and enriching read, packed with five practical tools that can be applied immediately. Get your copy today and embark on a journey towards becoming a H.E.R.O in your organization! Your team and your career will thank you.

The Rudolph Factor

Finding the Bright Lights that Drive Innovation in Your Business

The Rudolph Factor

Finding the Bright Lights that Drive Innovation in Your Business

Step into the heart of organizational excellence with “The Rudolph Factor.” Go behind the scenes of THE BOEING COMPANY’s acclaimed C-17 PROGRAM – honored twice with the prestigious Baldrige Award.

Released in 2009, this captivating narrative delves into the blueprint for achieving extraordinary success, a top pick that Businessweek.com deemed one of the “20 Great Summer Reads.” Discover how people-powered transformations can propel your organization to new heights.

Catch! A Fishmonger’s Guide to Greatness

Stop Floundering and Become More Effective in Your Life and Work

Catch! A Fishmonger’s Guide to Greatness

Stop Floundering and Become More Effective in Your Life and Work

Embark on a journey with “Catch!” – a groundbreaking book that offers an in-depth look at the inner workings at the world-renowned, PIKE PLACE FISH MARKET.

If you’re eager to create a work environment that fosters enthusiasm, innovation, and unmatched customer satisfaction, “Catch!” is your key to success. Join the ranks of tens of thousands of readers who have already experienced its transformative power.

What’s a Rudolph,
you ask?

You, or some of your team members, may possess a penchant for thinking “outside the box.” If this is the case, you may have found yourself adorned with labels such as change agent, intrapreneur, or outliers. Paradoxically, despite many leaders expressing a desire for disruptive and innovative thinking, your unconventional thinking may have met with resistance rather than open arms.

This phenomenon has always bewildered me, particularly since I’ve personally encountered ostracism for exactly the innovative and disruptive thinking that companies hired me to provide.

One day, it struck me that my experiences bore a striking resemblance to Rudolph, the endearing red-nosed character we all hold dear during the holiday season. What is lesser known is that Rudolph’s challenges and eventual triumph mirror those of today’s unconventional thinkers, such as myself.

Indeed, we are, in essence, characters of our own narratives, armed with unique perspectives on the business landscape. At times, we may be cast as outsiders, but we adeptly harness our distinctive thinking to strategically resolve the challenges at hand.

Embracing Rudolph Thinkers: Unlocking Your Secret Weapon

Alas, some of your most creative and passionate contributors may not seamlessly fit within the organizational fabric due to their inherent and involuntary thinking. While everyone has innovative thinking in some capacity, only a small fraction of us channel our talents into the realm of business. 

Comprising roughly 10 percent of any given organization, our potential contributions remain vastly untapped, primarily due to the prevailing political dynamics and reward structures within these organizations. 

You might not readily identify the Rudolphs among your team members, for many of us have learned to navigate beneath the radar. We are the systems thinkers who connect dots that often elude others. Our work engagement is typically high, and we find satisfaction in our tasks, no matter their nature, provided we recognize our ability to make a meaningful impact

On the less glamorous side, our inquisitive minds can be seen as a double-edged sword. Our propensity to question established processes and why things are done a certain way can disrupt the status quo or challenge a culture deeply rooted in tradition. Consequently, we may be perceived as threats or sources of disruption. 

As a result, many of us embark on colorful career paths in search of business cultures where are penchant for systems thinking, our unyielding pursuit of positive impact, and our passion for improvement are not only acknowledged but celebrated.

Leveraging Your Team for
Organizational Greatness

In every business, there exist team members with qualities akin to Rudolph’s, possessing unique attributes that could be harnessed for the benefit of the company and its customers. However, there is a notable absence of a structured approach for recognizing and capitalizing on this exceptional talent. 

Drawing upon the foundations laid by the Four Pillars of Organizational Greatness in tandem with the transformative power of The Thinking Wheel and AVTAR, as well as my certifications in the MIND Methodology(TM), LEGO Serious Play(TM), and Monday.com, fueled by my extensive experience working with diverse clients across various industries over the course of decades, I’ve forged a proven system.

This system is designed to measurably improve your team(s) performance and outcomes through greater alignment, decision making, and cultivating a culture of shared accountability. This results-drives approach generates enduring intangible value, serving as the primary catalyst for wealth accumulation.

Now is the time to take action and unlock the latent potential within your own organization. Together, we can embark on a journey toward realizing your team’s greatest ideas and driving them to fruition, thereby propelling your organization toward sustained greatness. 

Contact me today, and let’s begin this transformative journey together.

Cyndi (Crother) Laurin, PhD

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